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Civil Engineering

This course provide scope to the student in the design, construction & maintenance of the building, dams roads, bridges, and other associated infrastructural facilities, with introduction of software development in the field of GIS (Geographical information system).

The need of civil engineering personnel with computer application background is on the increase, the course also deals with environmental engineering, concepts.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

It is a very true that today life without electricity is highly unimaginable. It is very essential for any institutions or firm to have a good power control and maintenance of all the activities for the smooth running of the institution. This is one of most basic branch and has always remained one of the vital bodies any institution or firm.

The curriculum not only focuses on traditional engineering but also provide ample opportunity for the students to explore their career in the generation utilization as well as improving the quality of electricity, by this knowledge our department is not only trying to build a perfect base in the mind set of student to co-pup with the changing technologies, but also making them able to provide or emerge with new modification and ideas so as to make the use of energy in safer manner .

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is field of broad prospects. All manufacturing industries are based on Mechanical Engineering. The advancement in technologies has created a very good future for Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical Engineering is field of broad prospects. All manufacturing industries are based on Mechanical Engineering. The advancement in technologies has created a very good future for Mechanical Engineers...

The courses emphasizes on the strong fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering &blend with inter-discipline technologies with the invention of CAD/CAM, Robotics, CNC’s etc......

The student are given knowledge and hands on experience on various machine & equipment this knowledge and training imparted enables the students to get placements in National and Multinational Companies through campus interview...

Computer science and Engineering

The Computer engineering technology courses is designed to prepare the students to become a programmer with hardware &software skills.

Programming laboratory installed with C graphics, web designing technologies, and object oriented programming using C++, java Programming, Drives Programmers of tomorrow.

The laboratory adds a special dimension to systems programming and development

Bachelor of Social Work

S.M.B.S. Degree College, towards its inception is dedicated in its inception is dedicated in its pursuit of excellence in social work education. At various junctures the college of social work is putting its effort to the existing national and global socio-economic reality.

The college has a wide array of cultural, sports and personality development programmes designed to bring best in the students. Social work is intricately linked with the idea of charity work. However Over a period of time it has evolved into a profession. Presently it is not a ‘Conventional ‘career but with issues of disability, drug abuse, overt, mental illness problem associated with aging etc...Rising constantly social work has become a vital need of our social...

If you are willing to take a profession for emotional fulfilment and if your purpose of working is not just financial this would be the ideal career for you

Electrical & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication is highly sought after branch of engineering today by both student and parents. This age is rightly called “Electronic Era” as every facet of the our life is facilitated and controlled by electronics in one form or the other.

This branch of engineering gives the students a through knowledge of the basics of electronic with practice related to installation, operation, maintenance & construction of electronic & communication equipments.

The students also learn the skills in PC hardware & maintenance.